Fall Estate Planning Special

Happy Fall! I love the cooler weather and the warmth that the change of seasons brings. As we enter this wonderful time of year, and prepare for the holiday season, we are often intentional about spending more time with our families and loved ones. Accordingly, it is the perfect time to create or review your […]

Virginia Estate Planning Seminar & Will Workshop

Virginia Estate Planning Seminar & Will Workshop

Hosted by Aubrey Carew Sizer, Esq. Saturday, January 30, 2016 10 AM – 12 PM Arlington, Virginia You know how important a will is, but do you have one? I frequently meet people who tell me, “I really need a will” when I tell them that I am an estate planning attorney. According to recent […]

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Give Thanks and Share Your Thoughts about Incapacity

Like many Americans, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love that we emphasize our blessings and gather to reflect on the numerous reasons we have to give thanks. As an attorney who helps people get their affairs in order, I am also acutely aware that in addition to having fun and making cherished […]

Medicaid’s Treatment of the Home

Depending on the state, nursing home residents do not have to sell their homes in order to qualify for Medicaid. 

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Estate Planning: Why You Should Think About It

Estate planning is ultimately about your loved ones. It is about making tough decisions and articulating your wishes while you are alive and healthy, so that your loved ones do not have to make those difficult decisions while also caring or grieving for you. Estate planning also gives your loved ones confidence that they are carrying out your wishes. Despite […]