Virginia Estate Planning Seminar & Will Workshop

Hosted by Aubrey Carew Sizer, Esq.
Saturday, January 30, 2016
10 AM – 12 PM
Arlington, Virginia

You know how important a will is, but do you have one? I frequently meet people who tell me, “I really need a will” when I tell them that I am an estate planning attorney. According to recent surveys, this is not unusual – 55 percent of American adults do not have a will or other estate planning document in place. Despite knowing the importance of a will, too many put off this important obligation. It is my hope that this Virginia Estate Planning Seminar & Will Workshop will provide a practical and convenient way for you to check this important item off your to-do list at the beginning of this year.

How does it work?

1. REGISTER for my workshop using the form below. You can also call or email me for additional information.

2. Once registered, you will RECEIVE an email from me containing additional information and my will worksheet. You will COMPLETE this worksheet and send it back to me by the date specified. I will then review your worksheet and draft your customized will. If I have any further questions for you, or if the specifics of your situation are outside of the scope of this workshop, I will contact you. Otherwise, I will bring your ready-to-execute will to the workshop.

3. You will then ATTEND the workshop, hear my presentation on estate planning, ASK any questions you may have, and OBTAIN your customized will. At the end of my presentation there will be a will executing ceremony where each attendee will formally sign and EXECUTE his or her will in the presence of a Virginia notary.

Registration closes on January 15th or when all seats fill. SPACE IS LIMITED. This workshop is for Virginia residents only. Please reserve your seat today!


Posted on: January 1, 2016